Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share the stressful and exciting time of your transition in the purchasing or sale of your home on some international relocation. I am pleased to present our exclusive and free service that William Clark offers; we have designed to help you manage all the details of the purchase or sale of your home, this no additional cost.

William Clark professional agent and Broker in management, transaction and real estate expertise, national and international. WilliamHomes EIRL, can help you locate the services you need before, even after your move and installation.

The value-added service's program offered to buyers and sellers is based on the same concept as the high-end hotels offer to their customers for years! Surely they will ask you to pick them up at the station or at the airport or rent a helicopter for their visits to castles.
William Clark can help you locate the services you need before, during an even after moving.

As an expert, I determine the value of your property at home I move to immerse myself in the good, its environment and define its positive and negative points to evaluate with you its selling price.

I use the Drone technologie





Outstanding service for a fair commission of 4%

I put your home in value. I chalk an immersive virtual tour in 3D, a map and photos. I determine a marketing plan. I ensure safe communication campaigns to French and European sites, which allow to put your good value on supports only accessible by professionals in French and English. In parallel, we offer the opportunity to our qualified buyers to visit your property exclusively.

I take care of the visits in all transparency. I filter calls and select acquirers to avoid unnecessary visits. I inform you about the person who visits the property do not let anyone in your home. ( ID card or Passport copy).
After each visit, I send you an online visit report on your customer area. I accompany you to success! I take over the negotiations with the buyers, I unload administrative procedures and I secure the transaction.

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Please Call +33 (0)651 4151 0808

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