Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share the stressful and exciting time of your transition in the purchasing or sale of your home on some international relocation. I am pleased to present our exclusive and free service that William Clark offers; we have designed to help you manage all the details of the purchase or sale of your home, this no additional cost.
The value-added service's program offered to buyers and sellers is based on the same concept as the high-end hotels offer to their customers for years! Surely they will ask you to pick them up at the station or at the airport or rent a helicopter for their visits to castles.
William Clark can help you locate the services you need before, during an even after moving.
You provide the notary all the files they need to sign the compromise you find the best partners for funding, proposing a diagnosis expert, offer management and leasing the property, help in the first steps with the administration and local health department, etc.



In the sale of a house with land or vineyards, it will address the fair price by performing the method of comparison, like a work of art in the light of its architecture, its time, its classification, status, its location, its environment. As for vineyards, a deepening of legal, tax or inheritance and of course wine must allow a very appropriate response. For beautiful homes, properties and exceptional apartments, a set of elements must be analyzed in order to address the real market value of the property (title deeds, active or passive servitudes, current leases, history of the property, rankings accorded with the tax consequences and obligations and the legal and technical elements related to the well ...).

You are looking for a property, we sign a search mandate that will allow me to represent you and that gives me the right to search for real estate agents to share the agency fees, for you this does not cost you more expensive! I would ensure the quality of the property through a visit as well as good negotiation at the right price after a walk study.
You want to sell your property; we sign together an exclusive mandate because, I publish on English and French to sites that cover 80% of the European market and does not want to advertise for other real estate professionals.

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